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Results 41 50 of 3770 Dec 12 2012 11:45 am seqsi. Dec 12 2012 08:01 am qalihilis gaupatiureba. Dec 12 2012 06:38... Qalishvilis gaupatiureba. Dec 4 2012.

Comments about this video:
Some backwoods counties of America are still living in the fifties. So this high measure of sexism still exists in such places. Though religion has much to do with keeping patriarchy alive.Well I agree there should be a non-devisive name for it. I just didn't want the bad connotations with the word feminism to carry over into what the movement, at least from my perspective, actually stands for.
sexism is very bad. So your telling me that im paying so much money for school and learning, just so i could grow up and clean and cook. YEA RIGHT. imma be a boss and im guna own my own airline business. and maybe even be president. Also i will NEVER depend on a man to "take care of me." Us girls are more than enough capable to take care of themselves. The guy and girl should be equally cleaning the house and cooking. done. Everyone has to stop being immature little rats. get over it.
I hate people who are sexist, there is alot of men i know and boys that are sexist and it makes me mad. They say" Oh woman belong in kitchens" Or "The only thing woman can do is be on there knee's as a table".
see...humans are prejudidced to the core of their soul..its noit limited to gender...it covers all spheres of our lives... like sexual orientations, race, country, religion, lifestyle... name one thing where they r no prejudices...just try to name one. just give up all this debate..live ur life...if someone tries to tell u how to live it or ties to show how bad u r... show them the middle finger.

i will not cook, i will not clean and i will especially not clean your filthy bed. Women are just as smart,strong and capable of anything a man can do.This is not fair. If you want food, go in the kitchen yourself and make yourself some damn food.Dont ask me to make you food like im your servant.You no what men?You go back to the kitchen and stfu I want a career that will make me a millionaire.I will have a life.Im not paying 1000's of dollars to go to school & college just to clean and cook.
i just like tits really oooo and food oooo and a clean carpet so putting them all together = genius idea.
This video is incredibly sexist, all of the men are represented by shallow, 2 dimensional, stereotypical characterisations of what gender feminists believe men to be like. Very offensive towards men to be portrayed so negatively by a completely fictional piece of anti-male propaganda like this. It's "work" like this which stir up the tensions between sexes.
lol. Not even women living under sharia are really treated like this. This video is a female oppression fantasy; what feminists HAVE to convince women what the world would be like without them. The biggest female oppression fantasy out there is "A handmaidens tale" about a post-apocolyptic world where women are either sex objects or work cleaning radiation from the atomic bombs. Without these fantasies feminism would be a purely academic movement and have no bearing on real policy.
I've got any idea 1st write a script that has something to do with sexism in on the west society then try hiring some actors. Sorrrryy I could not watch past 2:55 Boorrriiiiiiiinnggg!!!
I look at sexism as this: Women and men are needed to keep the species going. No one is better. Women and men are humans. You should treat any human in a respectful matter. And yeah, I'm not female but seriously women are more then sex toys. They're humans too. Period.take it a step further. If men can't think of women as sex objects then women shouldn't be allowed to look at men for their wealth or power. When they look at him they shouldn't be allowed to see alimony, or child support, or just a free meal.
i agree with you. this sounds so detached from normalcy. this is probably a video from a feminazi with misguided views of the world.

a man and a woman both work in furniture removal, the man (being physically stronger and larger) carries twice as much as the woman however the woman demands the same pay as the man per hour. if the man thinks he should be paid more for his work he is called a sexist. man expected to pay for dates, open doors and many other things for women= chivalry. while this may be bias, it is also true. most things are two way, try to see the other side...
You know my step-father was a sexist and my mother was manipulative and highly intelligent she drove him to breaking point by threatening to leave and then she came back. She would leave on his own for hours, at night she would go out and leave him sexually starved. In the end he got what he deserved, he turned to weed and my mother reported him to the cops he is now rotting in a jail cell. Hahaha. Thats her way, My way is to cut your dick off and leave you bleeding to death.And you think people listen to these other guys? Then why would the world continue to move towards equality? Obviously most people share the same views i have.Women exist to serve men. We men have allowed women to become chaotic and shameless. A woman never respects a male wimp. Women only respect a man who is DECISIVE, assured, and doesn't accept her bullshit. This is the only man she can truly respect. Every woman respects a man who is dominant-decisive (even in spite of herself). "Bitchiness" is the trait women develop when they are not put in their place by a decisive man. Submission to male authority is every woman's deepest evolutionary need.
And you obviously don't know anything about Evolution. It's more powerful than the cliches you regurgitate.
LOL you try to say im cliche?! you're sitting here stereotyping chicks. And i know all about evolution. you can call me Charles Darwin Jr. or do you not know who that is? 20 dollars says you google it.
Women exist to keep the species going dumbass. There needs to be males and females. Women do NOT exist to serve men.
Yeahhhh okayyyyy! Thats reTarded. I'm extremely alpha male (served in the military, I love speed, I ride motorcycles retardedly fast, and I dont back down from a fight or allow bullies to bully anyone around me), but I'm trying to remain decisive yes, but have more respect for my gf and her opinion, and be more "beta" male and in a way its making me a better bf, and that makes me happy :).
if it wasn't for a woman. You wouldn't be here. We all have a heart, just like you, we all have lungs just like you and we all have a brain, just like you. We're all humans. You're an arrogant person who needs to be taught a lesson. If you were dying on the floor with no one around but a woman, you'd expect her to help like the ignorant coward you are. If that does ever happen. I hope she spits on you and stabs you with her Stiletto.
If it weren't for a man, you wouldn't be here. A woman does not get pregnant by herself. You're an arrogant woman who thinks that women need to be catered to just because of your sex organs. Men made civilization and do all the hardest work. Men even have to initiate relationships, from the first date all the way to impregnating the woman. You're full of yourself for no real good reason. Men make the world go around. Women are the helpers who just use what men make.
women are helpers? Seriously? STFU. you are totally wrong. Okay? That is just so disrespectful and it makes me sad how you think this is true. Women are more than just your "toy." Get a life, get a job and get a women. Im joking. You probably wont be able to get a girl based on what you just said. I hope you never get married because yyou are completely sexist and just overall wrong. Good luck.

Married 13 years. I've gotten tons of girls in my life. There are tons of women who are not feminists and enjoy a man leading them. Yes, I am sexist. Because women are sexist too. We are all sexist. Only people like you pretend that you are above the human experience and think without gender, sex or any other bias. You're a liar in the mirror every day.
First of all, by making those assumptions about all people without any proof YOU are projecting that you are 'above the human experience' and know more than anyone else. There are so many people in the world who aren't sexist and DO think outside gender stereotypes, it's really not that hard at all.
I can say with pride and confidence that I am not sexist and I will not generalize people, that is why I am not going to make assumptions about you like you just did to AnnaKucha and all the people of the world. You may have met women who are sexist just like you, but people who are not sexist are not that hard to find. Have you met all the women of the world? Are all of them just as sexist as you say?
From what I've learned about you from your words; you're more the 'liar' in this situation, not AnnaKucha. I am saying this from what I have /learned/ from your own words.
Do you know what women need to have in order to make a child? an ovary you smart ass... so without women you wouldnt be here.

I agree with you that women have a heart and feelings and should not be hurt on purpose. But I also don't think women need to be babied and catered to. Women are not babies and men should stop acting like needy wimps chasing women's approval.
"Women have smaller brains and should spend their lives making babies and sammiches. Mostly babies. Even in numbers women are too weak and stupid to organize themselves and grant themselves power, so it's only natural that men be dominant. It's too bad they got the vote, since they can't wrap their little minds around politics. Cooking, cleaning and sex is all they're good for." - The comments for this video Well, gee I learned something today!Equality is bullshit. Look at the history of women. Have they demonstrated that they can compete equally with men? It was only through nagging and whining that feminists got men to allow women to have rights. WOMEN HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO ASSERT THEIR RIGHTS ON THEIR OWN. The fact that they have to beg men for "equality" shows you that men are the naturally dominant sex and women are the naturally weaker sex. The fact that men rape, kill, control, bully, and penetrate women is all brutal proof.without a woman you would not exist. period. A WOMAN gave birth to you. most times WOMEN are even smarter than MEN, just like how children can be smarter than adults.You know it's not needed to make such a short statement such as "Period." after and already existing period. Also are you comparing women to children? If not, why make such a comparison? Are you saying women are like children? Honestly look women are women and men are men, we are both human, a vast majority of women complain that they aren't treated as equals...you wants the commendations of being equal not the work. Now granted their are some women out their who bust ass.
The history of humanity does not show that women are even close to being equal to men. The fact that we are even having this conversation is proof that equality is not a given.
Women are NOT our equals. Men must stop babying women. A woman is like a horse. You must saddle and train her to ride by using a combination of confidence and compliments. Nature made men stronger than women for a reason. A woman needs to be led by an assured and decisive man. From DAY 1, you need to be THE MAN in the relationship who makes the big decisions. She can make smaller decisions. Never put a woman on a pedestal. Put yourself on your pedestal. Always be calm and decisive.
How's your girlfriend doing, ya prick? I'm imagining not very good. You sexist pig. You're the kind of trash that needs to jump off a bridge, you bring society back 200 years.

How i smy wife doing? Great! She cooks, cleans, washes, and sucks my dick when I tell her to. I bang her doggy style, pull her hair and call her my bitch. After that she drops to her knees and swallows and calls me "Sir". Do you have it that good? Nope. Because you are a pussy and a closet homosexual who is too wimpy and frustrated to ever get a woman to do that. That's why you should stick to masturbating and bitching like a woman about men who take control.

Lmaoo you suck bigggggg cock this isn't the taliban bro. and i can guarantee you theres a woman out there that CAN kick your ass. are you forgetting about body buliders, martial artists, even a fit woman period? i'll fight you. i really will. im not even talking shit, ive kicked guys butts before. lets go bro! when and where?! if strength is your only argument lets fight this out !
I'm serious because I'm looking at Evolution, history, and results. You are joking because you are believing in platitudes, wishful thinking, and ignoring evolutionary history.I actualy think, this man isnt necessarily wrong, in the sence of logical conclusion based on theories and science, ect. He just doesnt seem to realise, that you cant aply these things on real life.Ok so what if you fall in love with a trans-sexual then what the hell are you meant to do. Plus the fact that science proves women have a more powerful pain threshold. Plus just a question on your thoughts on women beaters. I remember my father being a man like you instead he shoved my mother down the stairs when she was pregnant with my brother she can't walk properly now due to the damage she sustained on her knee.soz, science does not prove that women have a higher pain threshhold then men. there is no actual way to compare to provide results that cannot be disputed as there is no person who has experienced being a man AND a woman. therefore there is always bias in such tests. if you bring up the fact women have children, the vagina is designed to allow a baby to push through while also not having a large amount of nerves in comparison to other areas. You say all these things, but it sounds like you know nothing about women. No woman I've known would allow herself to be 'saddled like a horse' with mere compliments, no one is that easily persuaded. Women are people just like men, you have eyes you should see that. (especially since you claimed to have seen the 'proof in evolution', congratulations Darwin, you own an anthropology textbook) We have hearts, minds and muscles that we use to take care of /ourselves/.Very well. If women are not your equal and should not vote, which technically takes away their rights as citizens of the United States of America, then they should not also have to pay bills, or be held accountable for any crime they commit becuase "they are not equal to a man." A man must stand trial for a crime he has comitted and pay his taxes. If women are not equal to a man, none of this applies to them.the one that claimed to be a virgin and yet pushed one out? did you bring that up because both are bullshit?I would like to welcome you to the 21st century, where concepts such as single-mothers and lesbians are accepted, and complete gender superiority is only expressed by backwards idiots who think black people should go straight to the back of the bus.
The highest drug use, prison rates, and poverty rates are found in single mother families. When you deny the existence of fathers, you create boys who become monsters. And lesbians are morons who contribute nothing to society.

Really? Because when I was doing Criminology last semester, it was found that single-parent relationships apparently contributed very little in regards to individuals offending. Any relation between the criminal activity and having a single mother comes from the fact that both are common in low socio-economic areas. Also, considering IVF allows lesbians to have children, even if society was based on the ability to have childbirth, they still can contribute.

Also, never reproduce. Please. While martial status doesn't have a massive deviation in regards to criminal activity by itself, having a misoganystic pig like yourself for a father/mother does...Well, no study about belief have been really conducted, but I still don't like them odds.
what the fuck is going on in your head? my god i can't believe what you said you're so horrible. pure sexism! i'm french, and so i can't find the words to say how much all of you guys are bullshit! i'm a men, and i can tell you i will never talk like you did. this is realy shocking.

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